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Future proof your lifestyle

Future proof your lifestyle

It feels like there’s a lot of uncertainty about at the moment – whether it’s Brexit or our next PM or the state of the economy.  It may be concern about climate change, job security, lifestyle.  Although these things seem big and out of our control there are steps we […]

10 Questions with Robson Laidler Wealth Director Neil Cowie

Robson Laidler Wealth Director Neil Cowie

What was your first break in business? Getting a call to discuss the new financial planning advice business being set up by Robson Laidler in 2005. 2. What did you want to be growing up? Airline pilot – I’m still a bit of a plane spotter! 3. What attracted you […]

Pensions – “Are you saving enough?”


Great programme which clearly shows that, for various reasons, the bulk of the population are putting planning ahead on the back burner. We would just highlight the need to have a plan in place, even just a basic one and not to put this off. A good watch regardless: ITV […]

North East Medical Professionals – are changes to pension tax rules affecting you?

NHS Pension blog

Has anyone noticed the increase in the number of articles lately relating to doctors and their pensions? One of the more recent headlines this April was the British Medical Association warning the Chancellor that senior doctors would have to cut their NHS working hours if the recent changes to pension […]

Can I order a prescription for financial piece of mind?

NHS Pensions

We know / that as busy medical professionals, it’s difficult to find time to prioritise your own plans.  For most doctors, your NHS Pension will underpin your plans to reduce hours/stop work altogether later on. However, there have been so many changes to the NHS Pension and pension legislation in […]

A Prescription for Financial Preparation

Healthcare practice financial checklist

Traditionally GP and dental practices have only really looked at their financial performance as and when the year-end accounts have been delivered, prioritising (and rightly so) the care of their patients. However, practices have faced increased pressure in recent years, and as such, the need to keep on top of […]

Later life planning – a demographic necessity

Later life financial planning

As a recent report from the Office of National Statistics highlights that we are living much longer than previous generations, it is becoming increasingly more important to get later life planning in place. The fastest growing age group is those aged 85 or over and this is expected to double over […]

We Know / you want to see our new video

Robson Laidler Wealth video

Robson Laidler Wealth are here to support you in your lifestyle goals and objectives. We’re all quite good at planning for the short term, but what about the long term? Robson Laidler Wealth are here to help you answer the question; “Will I be financially OK in the future?” Our new video showcases […]

Top Tips for Financial Planning

Financial planning meeting

It’s 2019. Perhaps you are recovering from the festive excess in more ways than one?! You think, OK, it’s time to take stock. Sort things out. Stop putting important things off. Or is that just me? You may have already done some thinking ahead, booked the holiday, made enquiries about […]

Amanda gains much sought after later life accreditation

Amanda Cowie gains accreditation

Robson Laidler Wealth Director Amanda Cowie has recently received an accreditation from the Society of Later Life Advisers (SOLLA).  There are only three other Independent Financial Advisers in Northumberland and Tyne & Wear who hold this. The Later Life Advisers Accreditation has now become established as the industry standard of […]